you are everywhere around me...

sometimes i feel like,
you're always stalking me.

wherever i am
you are;
you want to be;
you think you should be;
you will be;

why can't you leave me alone?

you got me going crazy
got me thinking i'm insane.
i feel like i need to place myself
voluntarily in a psych ward
or even in a whole.

you don't care.

all you know is what you want what you want,
and all you want is one thing--
to make me miserable.
i want to end it
you're driving me crazy.
i feel like your mission
is to drive me insane.
make me feel like my brain
is going to explode.

i thought i was okay.
but i'm not.

leave me alone.
go somewhere else.
why are you so damn toxic.


why do make me so?
i can't breathe,
the walls are closing in...

take this as my rant to your very existance.