this was my response to a comment on a post from black girl with long hair. i really started feeling it lol.

amazing peice! hopefully this makes its way to other people with tiny mindsets!

to me, i think natural hair is power. the way this is proved is through the many comments people get about their hair. nobody would say anything if it wasn't powerful.

i guess the best thing we all can do is just embrace our curls. who cares what anyone has to say. by caring, you show them that they are more powerful than you are.

with black people, it's like we all want to be accepted by white people or all of the other people who really could care less. they keep putting us down for the way we are--our natural selves--because they know for a fact that they can bring us down. if you tell a white person "i don't like your hair" i don't think they would give a damn. they'd be like "well i like it." so let's do the same. surprise their axxes with the same response they give us. [i really dont mean to offend anyone with this next comment, i'm just trying to make a point lol, but] it's almost like they still have a master-slave relationship with people of color. :O how do we break that "relationship?" by embracing ourselves. it usually takes one, but all of us need to put them in their places.

i say, we should do exactly what we all did as kids when our mothers and fathers would tell us something we didn't want to hear: let it go through one ear and out the other.

if you know in your heart you are beautiful, let it be. the others will come around sooner or later.

** maaan what i said might be a little controversial, but it's true lol. and don't get me wrong, i like some white people. some get on my nerves sometimes, but for the most part, most of the white people i have met are kind and actually like black people. but i really do feel like we always try to impress them and it's like who cares? stop trying to impress someone who might not even care. embrace yourself and don't let anyone tell you, you are ugly, or your hair is nappy. be natural. and keep it simple.

it's funny becasue there are other things we should care about like our health and safety, yet we are arguing anf fighting for people to accept our hair. i don't think anyone will ever get our hair and melanin and things like that--things that pertain to black people. i think we need to stop trying to explain it to them and start moving on to other things. we may get ridiculed by people, but so what.

i am glad i am going natural. i plan to cut off my insecurity/ies on august 6, 2009. why such a specific date? i'll tell you: august 6, 2008 was the last time i ever put a relaxer on my head, and august 6, 2009 will be the last time i will EVER, i repeat: EVER have a relaxer on my head. i'm cutting the relaxed [insecuritied <--ha! new word] hair to release 2 inches of curled, nappy, thick A F R I C A N hair lol. [oh ya, by the way i'm sierra leonean and guniean, born in america; in case you were wondering why A F R I C A N was there :D].

C U R L S !

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skylark said...

I love being "natural" too!

Loving your blog!