d. rose

so fiiiiiiine...
feels like its getting hot,
he's so fiiiine...
this boy needa wife me up
he's so fine...
feel like its getting hot...
so fiiine!


as posted on myspace: as;

my birthday approaches, i'm getting more and more excited! funny coz just a couple months ago, i wasnt psyched A T A L L . i'm still celebrating it silently though...shopping with my bestie is all i need.

oh and food.
oh and being almost naked.
oh and being in the city...
oh and seeing the cutie-bo-dudies walk by.

why invite hella people to celebrate when only 4/10 that you invite will show up, and some how forget the fxcking gifts? why waste all that $ on expensive axx food when you can go shopping? :D if anyone else is interested, i'm not tripping. however, i didn't tell anyone for a reason. i hate taking people shopping-especially when they have no mula in their wallets. you can usually tell in their face that they're mad coz you got something they liked...you can tell they're boiling inside.


anywho...i dunno, i guess i'm happy because i get to leave 18 behind and gain another year until i become an adult, [2 more to drink] no more teen shxt...[almost] i thank God for letting me have another year on earth to live with almost no problems-except the natural human issues...hopefully 19 & the rest of 2009 together, bring me a good year of life, hopes, accomplishments, lvoe [aha, right], more independence, lessons, and whatever else comes along the way. i'm gonna be on some new shxt, so don't bring the bullshxt pleeeaase! i already have enough issues, so don't add to the existing ones. i'm usually someone who likes to be cool with people, but once you push my buttons, you push my buttons. i'm always one to listen, and i dont judge [at that moment...lol]

thank you in advance.

**why did i post this? coz i'm a gee like that, and was horribly bored.

ever changing...

ever since i started college
i feel like i've acquired a
whole other mindset...
i mean college does do that to you,
but i don't know how to explain it.
i'm just nawt entirely the same chick
i used to be.


my favorite word;


Definition: cultivated beauty, taste

Synonyms: breeding, charm, class, courtliness, cultivation, culture, delicacy, dignity, discernment, distinction, exquisitness, felicity, gentility, good taste, grace, gracefulness, grandeur, hauter, lushness, luxury, magnificence, nicety, nobility, noblesse, ornateness, polish, politeness, poshness, propriety, purity, refinement, restraint, rhythm, sophistication, splendor, stlye, sumptuousness, symmetry, tastefulness

of course each of these words has
their own synonyms,
but that would be a little too much...

such a wonderful word.


is it me?

or has april been a really slow month?
i'm turning 19 next month,
and at this rate,
i'll be 30 by then.

...on the contrary;

i'm lvoeable.
ready to lvoe
i'm silly & goofy,
and when i'm not depressed,
i will be able to make you laugh.
i'm open-minded.
i got my mind right.
you will most likely be "the one."
[hopefully] you'll be my first :D.
i'm a goodas, not a slag.
i will stay faithful to you.
i'm caring.
i will always listen when you need to be heard.
i can keep a secret.
i will be your down-axx-chick.
i lvoe pretty hard.
i appreciate life.
i'm usually not into all the hype.

i feel terribly bad for my future husband.

i may have an alcohol problem.
i'm stubborn.
i'm lazy.
i am emotionally disturbed.
i have alter egos.
i'm not a cuddler.
i tell it like it is.
i bicker and i am an arguer.
i do everything yletisoppo.
you will be living in my world.
i'm very self-centered.
i get what i want.
i'm a shopaholic.
i whine
and i complain.
i change my mind all too often.
[one day i'll lvoe you, the other i won't]
i have persistent mood swings.
i keep secrets.
i'm afraid of expressing my emotions.
i have a hard time conversing with humans.
i get mad easily.
i take everything offensively.
i'm sensitive.
my nose is kept up in the air.
i have this "i don't care attitude."
i get depressed a lot-sometimes over nothing.
i'm forgettful.
i play tricks on people.
i only give out one chance,
you only get 2 if i even lvoe you that much.
i tend to get jealous.
my name is maribel;
and i have issues.


what i realized...

What did you realize today?
the sky is purple. [yes i think so]
boys are a waste of time,
especially during their quarter life crises. [i thought i made that up, turns up im smart]
college is worth it.
life is worth living,
although it has negative things involved in between.
"everyone is born unique, but we die as copies."


a t t a c h e d .

i feel like the thing i was "attached" to
is no longer there.


you know what?

so tired of the bullshxt.
i've tried to be nice,
but now i don't give a fxck.
i can give a fxck what really happens now.
you are very undeserving of...
well everything.

i'm fancy.
you should try to get like it.

kids these days.

they are ahead of their time.
they want to do "grown people" things
and have sex with all the boys & girls they please.
it's not like in the movies
when the children used to play and have fun-
they were kids.
but these kids these days,
they have no control.
they see what is on the television...
monkey see,
monkey do.
they believe what they are doing is right.
how old are you?
you look 20 when you're only 15.
who is in control?
they can no longer be called children.
they are no longer children.
there is no other word to describe them,
than a nuisance.
where have you gone children?
rather than you,
we have these nuisances to take your place...

you innocent children where have you gone?

your mothers & fathers miss you the most.
where is the respect they deserve?
it's almost as if you all
have been kidnapped,
and stripped of your childhood.
what you see on the television is not real,
it is all an illusion.
if only you knew the tricks they play[ed] on you,
maybe you all would come back;

the children,
where have they gone?


to: crush #45

i was feeling you.
i don't know what may have changed my mind about you,
but now my feelings have slowly
faded away from your direction.
i think i still feel you,
but your actions make me wonder
if the feelings are mutual.

oh well.
who cares.

someday you'll realize that i
was the good one that got away.

(i've had a slight crush on this boy since 10th grade lol)


i don't know what it is

but from the looks of it,
the sound of it...

i don't what it is,
but i....

i think i'm feeling it.

i don't know what to do
with it...
what should i do with it?

i don't know what it is,
but from the looks of it,
the sound of it...
i don't know what it is,
but i...
i think i'm feeling it.