oh lawdy.

ok so like i said somewhere...
no more relaxers.
but i'm really getting irritated
with this fuzzball on the top of my head!
no pictures! lol noooooo
that would be sabatoging myself...
who knew transitioning would be
this dayum hard?
i feel like giving in!

i'll admit it.

i'm a dayum shopaholic.
like seriously,
if only i had the right income,
my room would be just a closet
and a futon for a bed...
shxt i'd sleep in the [actual] closet
if i had to!
i spotted some boots,
a jean sundress,
and a whole shxt load of scarves,
and a purse i might have my eye on.
why did adam & eve
have to eat that dayum fruit?


there he goes again...lol
by joshua hoffine

where is you at?

what ever happened to cheri dennis?
did she get dropped from bad boy?
hmmmm. lol
she had some dope songs...


obviously done by: fafi.

to: you, i've realized;

that being positive is the way to go.
the more negative you are,
the better your chances are of gaining negativity
and the more negative energy comes your way.
shxt happens.
but that's just life.
we can't stop the world,
nor can we rewind or fastforward it.
you are here for a reason--
take advantage of that.
stick to being positive
and good things will happen to you;
sure bad things will happen also,
but shrug it off and go about your way.

words of wise[dom]:



on some'84 shxt...

i'd fxck him.
he reminds me of a mustang.



this is exactly why i
don't get down with relaxers anymore!

i'm tryna get like this:
[i think its Nik]

3 years maxxx!
i got half an itch
a month...

written a while back; gibberish.

I don’t know why, but I guess to some people, I come off as mean and snobbish. I’m really not! I talk too much, I’m goofy, silly, and can be relaxed at certain moments, I know my shxt stinks, and I’m one chill person. People always seem to sum you up within a moment, when you walk past them, or you enter a room, but sometimes its better to get know someone first. I know i do that all the time, I’ll be like "oh, uh, uh! I know she did not just walk in here like she's the queen of the show", but in the end, after I meet this chick, she's actually cool...I guess my point is: say hello. Be nice. If they look rude & talk rude, they’re rude. Turn ya head and walk on! It’s not the end of the world!

"hello...we on anotha level"

if i was 5'5 i would wear these mothas out!

aren't these killer?

these however,
not so much...



i know i shouldn't believe in horoscopes,
bladdi, bladdi, bladda
this mysteriously appeared in
my inbox [lol]:

Wednesday, February 18:
If you're not interested in the stock market or poetry,
why do you force it down your throat?
Give it up already.
Nobody's really all the impressed with this useless info.
You're better off just being yourself for now --
that's what the hotties want, after all.

so true, i know.
i'm really not all that interested in stocks
i would like to invest money
in them in the near future,
but eh.
and poetry...
depends on if i can comprehend
it or not.
which is usually like never.

and here's another:

Sunday, February 15:
Redefine your idea of success --
it's not about cash, assets and things.
It's more about pursuing your dreams
and making enough money to enjoy the quality of life that's amenable to you.
The big car, the fancy address and the expensive purse
aren't worth the stress and sacrifice.

soooo totally true.

and just one more:

Thursday, February 5:
When did this dating thing get so dang heavy?
All you want to do is have a little fun,
but it seems as if everyone just wants to get married and have kids.
Do your due diligence --
are you reading their profiles thoroughly not selectively.
You'll get the gist if you're paying attention.

sometimes i think
these people just hit the mark
a little tooo...


(i'm a Taurus by the way;
in case anyone is asking)

what the hell is lvoe really?

i see all of my friends go through
so much shxt...
because of "lvoe."

i always ask myself
[in reference to my friends]
if you are not in lvoe with him,
then why are you with him?
it's a waste of tears,
[maybe] months,
[ms. keri couldn't have said it better] "energy,"
it's a waste of everything.

you come out of the realtionship
feeling like "what the fxck just happened?"
"i dont know how to anything w/o him."
oh how pathetic.
if you hadn't been so caught up
in being in a relationship,
you probably wouldn't have felt that way.

call me bitter,
lol i don't care.
it's the truth.
i've never been in a relationship
and i've been fine.
it's depressing when i see the relationship
at its best:
all happy and dappy,
but when it crumbles, i'm like
"sux for you."

i'm happy i'm a big crush whore.
i crush on so many guys,
but am pathetic in the sense that
i will never talk to them.
am i the only sane one on this planet?

it feels like that sometimes.


lost in my thoughts.

lately i've been having these
dreams that seem as though
what i am dreaming is really happening to me,
but i'm sleeping?
i really don't understand exactly
what is going on.
when i wake up in the morning,
i feel as though i only
had a couple hours of sleep.
it's like i can never fully sleep;
and when i am "sleeping"
i'm dreaming of driving in the car,
or speaking to someone,
or at a party or whatever you can think of.
but they seem so real,
like it's actually happening.
it's really hard to describe,
but whatever the hell is happening is beginning to scare me.
i'm beginning to think
that maybe i am just lost in my thoughts.
i am no longer able to
distinguish what is real,
from what is fake.
my mind is confused.
i might think that i told my friend something,
but i really didn't because i was
actually dreaming it.
are these signs of me being psychotic?
are these signs of something
i want to happen,
but won't because i am only dreaming it?
are these signs of insomnia?
and arent i too young to have insomnia?

i haven't been this confused in forever.




i have no clue
where the hell i found this,
but i really, really, really like it.
i plan on doing my [crappy]
reindition of it soon.
no i'm not a copy-cat.
copy-cats are losers, [lol] but i'm
really feeling this fine piece of art work...


by frank stella.


by joshua hoffine.
isnt this a trip?



wat ever happened
to the original chucks?


maribel speaks on shopping...

is very therepeutic!!!!!!!!!!

i tell you.

if you're in a bad mood,
go shopping.
if you're hungry,
go shopping.
if you just broke up with your boo,
go shopping.
if you're feeling depressed,
go shopping.

i'm telling you it works!!!!
especially if you get a good deal on some shxt....
ouh weeeeee!

**this has been a public service announcement
made by


currently on my desktop...


isn't this the cutest little thing?

it was done by emory douglas

when the Blank Panthers were roaming

around the streets.



haven't been on here for a while.
currently: listening to "Starstruck" by Santogold.
if you haven't heard it,
now is a good time to search
zshare for it coz its maaaaaaaaad
it's kinna dark and
really chill,
but really & truly good.