people from the dominican republic are mean...
they have this crazy mindset
that white or light
is P O W E R .
don't you see that black
is beautiful?
and powerful...
i don't think i'll be visiting
the dominican republic any soon.
1) i wouldn't be welcome there in the first place since i'm "too dark"
2) i'm probably to fat too
3) i'm growing out my hair; to them natural, curly, kinky hair is "bad" hair [uh huh, right.]
4) i might get killed or hurt for who i am
5) they might think i'm haitian [:O, lol that's why they hate "black" people and because of Dictator Rafael Trujillo & President JoaquĆ­n Balaguer]

i never thought that i couldn't
go to another country because they might hate me
and say horrible things, not mean, horrible things to me.

answer me this:
with reasoning and examples:

what is so wrong with being dark skinned?
why is lighter skin better than dark skin?

as well as:

what is so bad about curly/kinky hair?
why is straight hair better that curly/kinky hair?



augusta said...

i've never visited there, but i do know of some dominicans who share the sentiment in this post- light is good, white is better. i dont understand why people still think this way.

augusta said...

besides, the melanin in our skin keeps us looking younger,longer.

the european standard of beauty has affected all cultures on this planet. there are japanese, chinese, indians who bleach their skin to attain that white look... so its not just blacks. sad, just sad.