i just came across this thought today,
well just now actually.
and i am aware that other people
may have thought of it as well,


the only way for people to accept our [african american] hair,
is for them to accept their hair as well.
not all white or other ethnic people have straight hair.
a majority of them have
wavy or curly hair,
but straighten it whether with heat,
or chemicals.

some do accept their hair
and might only straighten on occasion,
while others straighten their hair religiously.
by reducing the amount of heat and chemical styling,
they will be able to embrace their hair
and embrace ours as well.

if you have curly hair on your head,
you wouldn't discourage someone else
who has almost the same type of hair as you right?
so therefore,
stop altering your hair regardless of your ethnicity,
and you will come to terms with other peoples hair.

capish? **in an italian accent...lol

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