i think i'm starting to lvoe my hair!
i haven't chopped off my relaxed ends...
next week! [yaaaay!]
but from what i've seen i'm okay with it.
when i first started to grow
out my hair i wanted it to look like this:

but i think i'm okay with it being a little tighter.
well actually i think my hair has every single type of
hair there is except straight lol.
i think it has:
a smaller wave in the front [type 4b?]
a tighter curl in the middle [type 4a ]
a loser curl in the back[type 3c]
i really like tighter curls because
it looks a lot bouncier and is cool! lol
but whatever hair i do have
[i'll know for sure after my cut]
i will appreciate and lvoe it.
when i first started my transitioning phase,
i really wanted that larger curl,
but now it's whatever...
i just want healthy, strong hair that doesn't
break off more than it should...
what i didn't realize before
was that my hair will grow in whatever way it wants to grow.
hair is genetics.
i can't force it to look the way i want it.
if someone would have told me that you can
grown whatever haur you want
by thinking really hard, wishing on a shooting star, and eating weird dirt
i think i would have!
but this transitioning phase has made me
realize that i can't do that.
and i shouldn't do that.
i just to need to let my hair hang out and be free.

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