aftermath (with commentary):

man that extra
dose of caffeine
yesterday had me messed up!

first of all--
i didn't sleep until 11:30 or something like that.
and then i felt like i only slept for
three hours because the rest of the time,
i felt like i was awake.

i usually wake up around
5:30 am so i can get ready for
my core conditioning class [highly recommened!]
which starts at 7:30.
i didn't get up until maybe 6
and didn't leave the house until 6:50-ish.
[yes it takes me that long.
and that was me rushing :D]

i arrived at class
and was okay at first because i was used to
core conditioning from last quarter,
but today was not my day.
towards the end,
i skipped the "after stretches"
and left.

i changed and then met up
with my friend sheldon to study for
our political science class: american politics and gov't.
uhm....we studied for nothing
because our teacher only put
25% of the stuff we learned in the test,
and the other 75% was some crazy stuff!
well maybe i exaggerated,
it was more like 40% in-class,
60% crazy stuff.
i just hope i passed!

my last class of the day was speech.
the "come down" effect
from my caffeine "high" helped control
my nerves when we had to give our
"introductory" speeches
of why we are attending college...
bladdi bladdi bladda
everyone said my speech was good,
so i was okay.

after that,
i jumped in the car to head home.

i explained a dream i had to my friend sherdonna.
it was a ridiculous dream and part
of the reason why i couldn't go to sleep:

it was a hot day in august [of this year, futuristic dreams ha!]
and i am in so-cal...

i was in a toy store with two friends who are boys.
we were having fun and recording our adventure [nothing sexual lol]
when i did something crazy and
knocked over the bouncy balls--all of them!
so then the security guard decides to chase us
and we run out of the store.
there is a liquor store next to it
so i'm like "hey i want some arizona!"
[uh huh, i was dreaming about tea lol]
so we go in the store and i get my arizona
and some starbursts.
so we're "chilling" outside, sitting on the curb
and i take a swig of my tea
when a cop,
ever so slowly,
drives by.
as soon as i take my swig,
he puts his lights on,
comes out of the car, and arrests me!
[boy this is a long post...]
he arrests me for suspicion of public intoxication
[or however they would say that]
and he doesnt even do the tests first!
so he throws me in the car and i say
"i'm not going unless they come with me,
i don't know what you're going to do to me!
and you! bring my starbursts!"
[can't forget those lol]
so then he takes me, or us, to the station
and i'm making a big fuss about how he's racist
and laddi laaaaa.
so then,
we are in court because i am trying to sue his butt.
we're in court and i'm being obnoxious
and i tell the judge that officer brown [that's his name]
that he needs to go back to
the police academy to learn the proper
procedures, when someone is
suspected of being publically intoxicated
AND that he should take a full sociology course
so he can learn a lesson!
in the end i got $100k
and homeboy officer brown had to pay the price!

oh boy.

when i got home today,
i was draaaaaained!
i still am right now.
and i didn't eat all day [because i am broke]
and i finally ate at like 8 o'clock.
[i usually don't eat after 6].
now i'm terribly sleepy.

g'night world.
sleep tight.
don't let the viruses attack your computer tonight!

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