ting-a-lingin' it

i have been on a "natural high"
for the past 6 hours!

no, no, no!
stop the press!
breaking news!

i know why i'm so..."high?" [lol]
i had a big can of arizona iced tea in peach flavor!
and THEN,
when i got home
i enjoyed blueberry tea with lime
and like 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
[i have a sweet tooth]
that i put in the fridge earlier
because it was too hot!
i didn't get to drink it or else
i would have been late for speech class!

i have come to a conclusion!

but anywho!
tea puts me in a really great mood then huh?
la la la la!

someone informed me (is that correct?)
that tea sucks up most or all
of the iron in your body...
uh-oh! not good.
i need that iron so i won't be anemic!


1 comment:

Eric Davis said...

Humm I drink those teas all the time, I wonder if i'm anemic lol