let's talk:

ok so
we need to talk about the use of the word virgin. [lol]
virgin, like many other "popular" words,
is used in so many ways its sort of interesting.

property virgin [as in housing]
virgin hair
extra virgin olive oil [evoo as rachel ray says]

and then there's
virgin mobile
virgin atlantic airlines
virgin records

there's a music group called the virgins

virgin words

there's also being a virgin
in your mouth,
your axx,
or vagina [or va-guy-na as bruno says lol].

whatever happend to the biblical meaning of virgin:

1. a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
2. an unmarried girl or woman.
3. Ecclesiastical. an unmarried, religious woman, esp. a saint.
4. the Virgin, Mary, the mother of Christ.
5. Informal. any person who is uninitiated, uninformed, or the like: He's still a virgin as far as hard work is concerned. [ a virgin girl or boy will usually be uninitiated and uninformed]

9. being a virgin: a virgin martyr.
10. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a virgin: virgin modesty.

i dunno just a thought.

and yes i'm a virgin
so i find some of the uses insulting
[ahahaha jk]



i just came across this thought today,
well just now actually.
and i am aware that other people
may have thought of it as well,


the only way for people to accept our [african american] hair,
is for them to accept their hair as well.
not all white or other ethnic people have straight hair.
a majority of them have
wavy or curly hair,
but straighten it whether with heat,
or chemicals.

some do accept their hair
and might only straighten on occasion,
while others straighten their hair religiously.
by reducing the amount of heat and chemical styling,
they will be able to embrace their hair
and embrace ours as well.

if you have curly hair on your head,
you wouldn't discourage someone else
who has almost the same type of hair as you right?
so therefore,
stop altering your hair regardless of your ethnicity,
and you will come to terms with other peoples hair.

capish? **in an italian accent...lol

an idle mind

is a devil's workshop.

maaaaaan so true!


raaarrrrr! :D

one more week until i cut my hair!
omg! lol
august 4th seems sooooo far away!
can't wait to see what my natural hair/texture looks like...
hoping not too much chemical damage has been done...
i guess we'll wait and see...
i don't even know how to REALLY take care of natural hair
lol i guess i'll just go along with it as the days roll on by.
aaaaaah! :D i'm excited. can you tell?


i think i'm starting to lvoe my hair!
i haven't chopped off my relaxed ends...
next week! [yaaaay!]
but from what i've seen i'm okay with it.
when i first started to grow
out my hair i wanted it to look like this:

but i think i'm okay with it being a little tighter.
well actually i think my hair has every single type of
hair there is except straight lol.
i think it has:
a smaller wave in the front [type 4b?]
a tighter curl in the middle [type 4a ]
a loser curl in the back[type 3c]
i really like tighter curls because
it looks a lot bouncier and is cool! lol
but whatever hair i do have
[i'll know for sure after my cut]
i will appreciate and lvoe it.
when i first started my transitioning phase,
i really wanted that larger curl,
but now it's whatever...
i just want healthy, strong hair that doesn't
break off more than it should...
what i didn't realize before
was that my hair will grow in whatever way it wants to grow.
hair is genetics.
i can't force it to look the way i want it.
if someone would have told me that you can
grown whatever haur you want
by thinking really hard, wishing on a shooting star, and eating weird dirt
i think i would have!
but this transitioning phase has made me
realize that i can't do that.
and i shouldn't do that.
i just to need to let my hair hang out and be free.


a look into mysophobia [germaphobia]:

i've always been afraid of germs, but some recent event [that i choose not to speak of] have made my mysophobia worse:

2 weeks ago i began washing my hands constantly and making sure i didnt touch anything anyone touched. i didnt eat for a week and a half because i didn't know what utensils people ate off. [i lost six pounds] i have a fear of touching the fridge or microwave because someone else might have touched it. i use a napkin to open anything. when i go up and down the stairs i makesure i dont touch the railing and if i think i did i run down the stairs to wash my hands. i even get nervous to wash my hands because i don't know who touched it before me.

i buy my own water for my room and "claim" my own cup.

my dad sneezed in my room a couple days ago and i had a serious breakdown. i cried and cried in the bathroom until i had a migraine. i was shaking and felt like throwing up. i felt like my room was my safe place from his germs until he sneezed...i must have sprayed my room down like a freak. if my mom doesn't hide that lysol from me, i might get permanent brain dramage. seriously. she told me i need to calm down in her serious im-your-mother-so-listen-to-me-tone. i took it into consideration, but it didnt help.

now when i go outside i dont open any doors until someone opens them for me or i rush to the door that is closing and open it with my wrist or elbow. i can't shake peoples hands without feeling like i need scalding water to wash my hands. i dont even like hugging people anymore...and you know how some people spit when they talk? i feel like i should just shoot myself right there. i used to leave my door closed, but now i leave it open so people wont touch my door knob.

i have to think of things like peanut butter [which i'm allergic to lol], peaches, bananas, strawberries, melons, etc. to keep my mind off of viruses and bacteria. i had another breakdown because a particular word kept [and still is] flashing through my brain, thats when the words started happening. its getting better, but it still manages to flash in my brain a couple time. i started to cry horribly and was curled up in a "child's pose" on the floor in the hallway. i couldn't stop crying and i felt like i was becoming psychotic.

i used to be able to touch door knobs and the fridge door or shake peoples hands before [i would still wash them] but now it has gotten worse...

i stay in my room even more than i used to and dread going out sometimes. i'm afraid someone who has an uncurable disease is going to spit on me or if i have a cut on my hand theytouch me and i'm going to get their disease as well.

**This post is about germs creative aye?

i don't know. i think i need help.

oh ya, and i was thinking about not having kids because i dont them to have to worry about germs or get sick at a young age. and i was also thinking about not getting married either because i dont want my husband to have or give me something...and i have this belief that ALL men are unfaithful and will bring weird shxt into the house.

and no tattoos. sometimes the tattoo artists dont change the needles or will put used ink back in the bottles or even use the same cap from someone else. especially your "homeboys." sometimes even the most sincere gestures can get you into trouble. the same goes with peircings as well.

ugh. i'm really starting to discover how serious this shxt is. i feel like monk.


you are everywhere around me...

sometimes i feel like,
you're always stalking me.

wherever i am
you are;
you want to be;
you think you should be;
you will be;

why can't you leave me alone?

you got me going crazy
got me thinking i'm insane.
i feel like i need to place myself
voluntarily in a psych ward
or even in a whole.

you don't care.

all you know is what you want what you want,
and all you want is one thing--
to make me miserable.
i want to end it
you're driving me crazy.
i feel like your mission
is to drive me insane.
make me feel like my brain
is going to explode.

i thought i was okay.
but i'm not.

leave me alone.
go somewhere else.
why are you so damn toxic.


why do make me so?
i can't breathe,
the walls are closing in...

take this as my rant to your very existance.



people from the dominican republic are mean...
they have this crazy mindset
that white or light
is P O W E R .
don't you see that black
is beautiful?
and powerful...
i don't think i'll be visiting
the dominican republic any soon.
1) i wouldn't be welcome there in the first place since i'm "too dark"
2) i'm probably to fat too
3) i'm growing out my hair; to them natural, curly, kinky hair is "bad" hair [uh huh, right.]
4) i might get killed or hurt for who i am
5) they might think i'm haitian [:O, lol that's why they hate "black" people and because of Dictator Rafael Trujillo & President JoaquĆ­n Balaguer]

i never thought that i couldn't
go to another country because they might hate me
and say horrible things, not mean, horrible things to me.

answer me this:
with reasoning and examples:

what is so wrong with being dark skinned?
why is lighter skin better than dark skin?

as well as:

what is so bad about curly/kinky hair?
why is straight hair better that curly/kinky hair?



your satisfaction does not concern me...

i don't know.
just decided to say that lol.
i'm feeling very...



disjointed from my emotions?


disjointed from my body?


i feel like i'm nutzo.
[i'm not, but i feel like it]

alter ego?
everyone meet xia-xuxa




i'm so confused about what i really want to do.
ok well maybe i do know what i want to do,
but i'm confused about what everyone else wants me to do.

what am i speaking of?
my career.

if it was up to me,
like seriously,
up to me,
i would like to be a fashion designer.
i have so many
designs in my head it's crazy
how it all fits up there.

but my father doesn't want me to fulfill that dream.
to him,
it's foolish.

so then i decided,
maybe i'll do business,
then maybe i'll accounting,
or maybe i'll do international business instead--
to make my father happy.

ya well that didn't go so well.

then i decided that maybe
social work will be good for me since
i lvoe being nosey and i like to help people.
these are everyone's replies:

"emotionally hard"
"no pay"
"psychologically difficult"
"very little money"
"why do you want to do that?"

another dream out the window.

so what am i left with?
my mom has been drilling me about
physical, occupational, and speech therapy.
i chose physical therapy,
but now she's drilling me about occupational.
a doctorate of physical therapy will take me
between 3-7 years [because i wasn't able to find an excat "timeline" of when i'll be done because the people who answered the questions before me might have not been physical therapists themselves].


i don't know if i should just quit
and start over again
or take a looooooooooooong vacation
away from everyone else to think
and get my mind clear.

maybe jamaica.
there are some fine men there.
lol i'm only 19,
but it wouldn't hurt to look
[aha! just saying]

i d k .

i may need to do a lot of soul searching
to find who i am
and not how people want me to be.
after all,
i am going to school to pursue a career for me
and me only.
i really don't know who i am.
usually a person likes a couple things.
i like them A L L .
a normal human being knows what they want--
i don't. i can never make up my mind.
what i am trying to get at is maybe i really am like her
[her being a character i'm using for a story line
for my designs. her name is so cool!]
i'm lost and i can't find my way home.
i can't find my voice nor can i find my soul either.

do you see how one small thing can afffect one's train of thought?



aftermath (with commentary):

man that extra
dose of caffeine
yesterday had me messed up!

first of all--
i didn't sleep until 11:30 or something like that.
and then i felt like i only slept for
three hours because the rest of the time,
i felt like i was awake.

i usually wake up around
5:30 am so i can get ready for
my core conditioning class [highly recommened!]
which starts at 7:30.
i didn't get up until maybe 6
and didn't leave the house until 6:50-ish.
[yes it takes me that long.
and that was me rushing :D]

i arrived at class
and was okay at first because i was used to
core conditioning from last quarter,
but today was not my day.
towards the end,
i skipped the "after stretches"
and left.

i changed and then met up
with my friend sheldon to study for
our political science class: american politics and gov't.
uhm....we studied for nothing
because our teacher only put
25% of the stuff we learned in the test,
and the other 75% was some crazy stuff!
well maybe i exaggerated,
it was more like 40% in-class,
60% crazy stuff.
i just hope i passed!

my last class of the day was speech.
the "come down" effect
from my caffeine "high" helped control
my nerves when we had to give our
"introductory" speeches
of why we are attending college...
bladdi bladdi bladda
everyone said my speech was good,
so i was okay.

after that,
i jumped in the car to head home.

i explained a dream i had to my friend sherdonna.
it was a ridiculous dream and part
of the reason why i couldn't go to sleep:

it was a hot day in august [of this year, futuristic dreams ha!]
and i am in so-cal...

i was in a toy store with two friends who are boys.
we were having fun and recording our adventure [nothing sexual lol]
when i did something crazy and
knocked over the bouncy balls--all of them!
so then the security guard decides to chase us
and we run out of the store.
there is a liquor store next to it
so i'm like "hey i want some arizona!"
[uh huh, i was dreaming about tea lol]
so we go in the store and i get my arizona
and some starbursts.
so we're "chilling" outside, sitting on the curb
and i take a swig of my tea
when a cop,
ever so slowly,
drives by.
as soon as i take my swig,
he puts his lights on,
comes out of the car, and arrests me!
[boy this is a long post...]
he arrests me for suspicion of public intoxication
[or however they would say that]
and he doesnt even do the tests first!
so he throws me in the car and i say
"i'm not going unless they come with me,
i don't know what you're going to do to me!
and you! bring my starbursts!"
[can't forget those lol]
so then he takes me, or us, to the station
and i'm making a big fuss about how he's racist
and laddi laaaaa.
so then,
we are in court because i am trying to sue his butt.
we're in court and i'm being obnoxious
and i tell the judge that officer brown [that's his name]
that he needs to go back to
the police academy to learn the proper
procedures, when someone is
suspected of being publically intoxicated
AND that he should take a full sociology course
so he can learn a lesson!
in the end i got $100k
and homeboy officer brown had to pay the price!

oh boy.

when i got home today,
i was draaaaaained!
i still am right now.
and i didn't eat all day [because i am broke]
and i finally ate at like 8 o'clock.
[i usually don't eat after 6].
now i'm terribly sleepy.

g'night world.
sleep tight.
don't let the viruses attack your computer tonight!


ting-a-lingin' it

i have been on a "natural high"
for the past 6 hours!

no, no, no!
stop the press!
breaking news!

i know why i'm so..."high?" [lol]
i had a big can of arizona iced tea in peach flavor!
and THEN,
when i got home
i enjoyed blueberry tea with lime
and like 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
[i have a sweet tooth]
that i put in the fridge earlier
because it was too hot!
i didn't get to drink it or else
i would have been late for speech class!

i have come to a conclusion!

but anywho!
tea puts me in a really great mood then huh?
la la la la!

someone informed me (is that correct?)
that tea sucks up most or all
of the iron in your body...
uh-oh! not good.
i need that iron so i won't be anemic!


n a t u r a l hair.

yes, yes.
N A T U R A L!

these are my favorite definitions of natural
from dictionary.com [yes, i know, i am very lazy lol]

1. existing in or formed by nature (opposed to artificial): a natural bridge.
2. based on the state of things in nature; constituted by nature: Growth is a natural process.
of or pertaining to nature or the universe: natural beauty.
5. in a state of nature; uncultivated, as land. **[or even hair. :O]
6. growing spontaneously, without being planted or tended by human hand, as vegetation.
7. having undergone little or no processing and containing no chemical additives: natural food; natural ingredients. Compare organic (def. 11). **one of my personal faves..."I got that organic hair"...lol
8. having a real or physical existence, as opposed to one that is spiritual, intellectual, fictitious, etc.
11. free from affectation or constraint: a natural manner. **yes, yes.
13. consonant with the nature or character of.
15. based upon the innate moral feeling of humankind: natural justice. **i don't get it, but i like it!
16. in conformity with the ordinary course of nature; not unusual or exceptional.
17. happening in the ordinary or usual course of things, without the intervention of accident, violence, etc.
19. related by blood rather than by adoption. **or by genetics, rather than alteration through chemicals
21. true to or closely imitating nature: a natural representation.
22. unenlightened or unregenerate: the natural man. **why couldn't it be "the natural woman? very sexist in my opinion; "natural haired woman..."
23. being such by nature; born such: a natural fool. **ahahahahahaha
25. not treated, tanned, refined, etc.; in its original or raw state: natural wood; natural cowhide. **natural hair
27. not tinted or colored; undyed.
30. having or showing feelings, as affection, gratitude, or kindness, considered part of basic human nature.
31. Afro (def. 1). **actually some people get perms to have an afro. i disagree...but anywho.
34. an idiot. **:DDDDD
36. Afro (def. 2). **oh so theres twooo definitions...

i wish not to
give you all [whoever reads this blog lol]
the definitions to afro...
that is a whole other post,
but these are the lvoely definitions
of "natural,"
the ones i liked or i thought
pertained to natural hair.

my favorites were:

1. existing in or formed by nature (opposed to artificial): a natural bridge.
--opposed to artificial is the key phrase here. when you are "natural," you do not alter yourself in any sort of way. i will not lie: i do get french tips, but only once in a while [;D]. but in the context of hair, i believe your hair should be kept natural. there is no need to put chemicals in it because you want your hair to look like someone elses. it grows out of your head the way it does, because it is formed by nature, genetics, etc. leave it that way. there is a reason why it grows the way it does.

**addition 7 8: no two people have the same hair. i've heard of "hair twins," but there is usually some sort of difference.

2. based on the state of things in nature; constituted by nature: Growth is a natural process.
--hair growth is a natural process. leave all the miracle grow, pills, blah blah blah in the store. let your hair be!

7. having undergone little or no processing and containing no chemical additives: natural food; natural ingredients.
--the same as number 1: DO NOT ALTER YOUR HAIR! let it be freeeee!

**addition 7 8: let your hair be organic! :D

11. free from affectation or constraint: a natural manner.
--when you relax or perm your hair, you are constraining your natural hair. it wants to show out, but you won't let it.

19. related by blood rather than by adoption.
--or by genetics, rather than alteration through chemicals. i know, very good observation :D

25. not treated, tanned, refined, etc.; in its original or raw state: natural wood; natural cowhide. ---natural hair

i personally believe that sltering hair in an unnatural state is pure insecurity. with our society today, you have to be one way to fit in:

skinny, long straight hair, light skin, and either petite or tall.

this is our "natural." but i hate this "natural" we [especially women] have to live up to. it really isn't "natural" because we have to go to the gym to shed off that 50 pounds, we have to get extensions and constantly break out that hot axx flat iron, or whip out that box of relaxer to make our hair straight. then, THEN we must buy that top-of-the-line bleaching cream to give the impression that we have lighter skin [and then white women break out that tanning lotion to also send the impression that they have "sun-kissed skin"].


it costs so much to become "natural" when its so much cheaper to be natural. why can't i just walk around with my "kinky, bushy, nappy" melanin rich hair, or with my dark lucious skin, and my lvoely thick thighs without feeling pressured to look like her?

i've been getting a relaxer since i was 7. the initial reason of why i first got a relaxer was because my mother was a nurse and didn't have time to do my hair.

okay, fine.

but then...high school came around. thats when the relaxer was applied religiously every 6 weeks. not even eight, but six. i didn't know that i was altering myself. i really didn't. and i didn't even know that i didn't know why i would get the relaxers.

i'm glad i woke up.

** such an abrupt stop aye? well i did that to get your mind thinking. plus i don't really like conclusions. my EWRT 1A teacher Paula used to get mad at me all the time for that...she would always say "stop leading me on. gosh!" lol.

anywho...get to thinking.


Taurus Horoscopes
(Apr 20 - May 20)
Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Sunday, Jul 5th, 2009

You may be sad to say goodbye to your key planet Venus as she moves from your steady sign into flirty Gemini. But all is not lost, for the love goddess enters your 2nd House of Self-Worth, enabling you to feel more confident about yourself and your financial situation. Use your charm to attract people who are fun and easy to be with, rather than those who might bring unnecessary drama.

**it's amazing how these darn things are alwys on point.



this was my response to a comment on a post from black girl with long hair. i really started feeling it lol.

amazing peice! hopefully this makes its way to other people with tiny mindsets!

to me, i think natural hair is power. the way this is proved is through the many comments people get about their hair. nobody would say anything if it wasn't powerful.

i guess the best thing we all can do is just embrace our curls. who cares what anyone has to say. by caring, you show them that they are more powerful than you are.

with black people, it's like we all want to be accepted by white people or all of the other people who really could care less. they keep putting us down for the way we are--our natural selves--because they know for a fact that they can bring us down. if you tell a white person "i don't like your hair" i don't think they would give a damn. they'd be like "well i like it." so let's do the same. surprise their axxes with the same response they give us. [i really dont mean to offend anyone with this next comment, i'm just trying to make a point lol, but] it's almost like they still have a master-slave relationship with people of color. :O how do we break that "relationship?" by embracing ourselves. it usually takes one, but all of us need to put them in their places.

i say, we should do exactly what we all did as kids when our mothers and fathers would tell us something we didn't want to hear: let it go through one ear and out the other.

if you know in your heart you are beautiful, let it be. the others will come around sooner or later.

** maaan what i said might be a little controversial, but it's true lol. and don't get me wrong, i like some white people. some get on my nerves sometimes, but for the most part, most of the white people i have met are kind and actually like black people. but i really do feel like we always try to impress them and it's like who cares? stop trying to impress someone who might not even care. embrace yourself and don't let anyone tell you, you are ugly, or your hair is nappy. be natural. and keep it simple.

it's funny becasue there are other things we should care about like our health and safety, yet we are arguing anf fighting for people to accept our hair. i don't think anyone will ever get our hair and melanin and things like that--things that pertain to black people. i think we need to stop trying to explain it to them and start moving on to other things. we may get ridiculed by people, but so what.

i am glad i am going natural. i plan to cut off my insecurity/ies on august 6, 2009. why such a specific date? i'll tell you: august 6, 2008 was the last time i ever put a relaxer on my head, and august 6, 2009 will be the last time i will EVER, i repeat: EVER have a relaxer on my head. i'm cutting the relaxed [insecuritied <--ha! new word] hair to release 2 inches of curled, nappy, thick A F R I C A N hair lol. [oh ya, by the way i'm sierra leonean and guniean, born in america; in case you were wondering why A F R I C A N was there :D].

C U R L S !


i think i have an obsession...

with cardigans and sweaters! lol
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**pondering the many ways
that sweater can be worn** lol

checkout both of their sites
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