t r i p p i n g o u t.

wondering when class is going to be over, worried about failing a class, worried about shxt that's due, music on the highest, screaming in the car, wondering why the fxck people need to cause traffic because they want to watch an accident, hungry, tripping out in the car, need to go to church, need 9 more hours of community service, worried about next quarter, wondering if this vegetarian stage will last, wanting someone to smoke me the fxck out, where's the alcohol?, need to get out of this house, fxck that 10 page paper, stressed, weight fluctuating constantly, impatient about my hair growing out, grow out already!, trying to find a happy medium, i need to go shopping, feeling lonely, my life is a mess, my life is hectic, can't breathe, feeling lost, where are you when i want you, drained out, thinking too much again, need to stay positive, why am i so darn negative?, lost in my thoughts, still trying to breathe, that essay is due next week, so many assignments due, storyboard? ugh, i can't draw, my life is overrrr....

A L L .

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