s e l f i s h .

i've come to the realization that
i need to be selfish.
i never put myself first
and i end up paying for it.
this might be random, but
i think i'm an acute follower.
instead of focusing on what i need
to do,
i follow others
and it causes all my shxt to get messed up.
i don't know,
but i think it has to do with
me feeling alone...
so i jump at any opportunity
i can to be with someone...

since it fxcks me over,
i have chosen to be selfish.
nawt a selfish bastard,
but selfish.
making sure my shxt is done
before anyone else gets my two sense
[or is it cents? w/e].

this is the only way for me to succeed
in life...
i can't sit here and waste my time

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