life changes.

all of the sudden,
i've decided to change certain aspects in my life.
while i can hardly say
that one of them is my shopping addiction,
i will say that i've decided to change other things:

1. as i've said in previous posts, i'm ditching relaxed hair,
and onward to all natural hair! it's been 6 months since
my last relaxer, and my curls are coming in nicely.
hopefully the "big chop" will be in september. i have no idea
what hair type i am yet, will be searching that soon...

2. no meat. i'm really picky when it comes to food.
i can't stand seeing the veins in chicken, or the skin, nor
can i stand the fat in both chicken and meat. however
long this lasts, who the hell knows, but i haven't been
into eating meat for a while now, so we will see.

3. music. i choose to listen to the humble, soulful stuff; electro :D, etc.
i haven't turned my back on other forms of music like
my all time favorite, dancehall, but i'm currently into the soulful stuff...
more in the lines of muhsinah, and AFTA-1s beats...etc. don't worry,
i still listen to hip-hop and other music; to make a loooooong story
short, let's just say i've added it to my music taste.

4. shopping. nope nawt stopping that, but i've changed the way i shop
and wear my clothes...i shop pre-season so i won't complain when
i can't find anything to wear in the spring/summer. i also shop a little
smarter, i don't over indulge in one sitting, i pay for all the important
stuff first, like gas and food, and then i shop. smaaaaart! i may miss out
on some of the items i want, but oh well. i'll probably see them somewhere else!
i'm very plain when it comes to pieces, but when the outfit is put
together with bracelets and earrings, and even shoes, the outfit comes to life!
plain pieces are muuuuuch cheaper and can be paired with almost anything!
thats a plus...how does all this help my addiction? it doesn't, but 1) i can buy more stuff,
with less money, but are still cute and 2) i'll look cute. --duh.

i guess thats it for now,
i'm sure this will all change,
i know it will,
but its good that i picked
a few aspects of my like that
i knew needed to be changed,
and decided to act on it....

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