WINTER 2009 quarter is over!

this quarter i've learned many lessons: from the "late night study sessions"; to the "early morning study sessions"; and the completethedaybeforeitisdue assignments...i have learned to start assignments the day they arrive in my hand, to time myself so i won't stay up until 4:30 in the morning trying hurry up and complete an assignment that should be due in 8 hours...

this quarter i have also learned that i need to stay focused on me, i need to be selfish, i am not going to school for anyone, but me! shopping, going out to eat, going to my friend's houses is fun, but needs to be done at a time where i've completed what needs to be done. i cannot jeorpordize my future, because i wanted to have fun. one of my good friends almost ended a quarter with a c- because she didn't complete an essay--all she did was party and go to different cities...i do not want that to be me...of course there is time for pleasure and play. however, that time is not now.

i feel V E R Y relieved. even though SPRING quarter is coming up in about a week, i feel relaxed and superly excited to be in human sexuality next quarter...o yaaaa! score! ;D one more quarter 'til summer...and considering SUMMER quarter, but not too sure if i want to take that plundge yet...

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