maribel vs. what's her face.

quiet & nice.
simple, calm, chill.
the brainy/nerdy one.
thinks with her gut,
is caring, and independent.
knows when to get serious.
watches the tele all day.
trustworthy-will never let you down.
doesn't lie.
is a winer [happily :D]
color = turquoise.
music taste = soul, neo-soul, r&b, jazz.
style = laidback, a little matchy at times
[you can find her in a sweater and some jeans on certain days]

whats her face:
loud & obnoxious.
doesn't care about other people's feelings.
abundant in sex appeal--a little too abundant.
drinks, does drugs [not crazy ones].
not very reliable.
does crazy things.
ain't afraid of shxt.
has road rage.
color = coral.
music taste = electro, hip-hop, club refixes
style = dressed up, hoochie mommmmaaaaaa!

i have no idea why i posted this,
but for the record:
i believe in alter egos, and believe i have one as well.

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