my life has been engulfed by you.
your presence only makes me shiver.
the thought of us failing,
makes me sick.
my whole life depends upon you,
something that is ever clear.
my life wouldn't make any sense if
you didn't.
lvoe cannot describe
what we have.
we are almost joined at the hip.
you are my baby...
my lvoer,
my joy (sometimes).
without you,
without us succeeding-
there is nothing.
only pure grief,
i have poured as many thoughts
as i could; can,
as you have done the same...
you have taught me to think
not only with my mind,
but my heart,
and eyes.
may we continue to be blessed together
from now,
until forever...


as i stroke the letters of the
alphabet on to you,
promise me you will make sense
of us.

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Ira said...

i LOVE this!!!