ew. i feel lonely again.
i just realized that going shopping only helps certain moments...
it cannot take away the pains of being alooone.

i got new glasses, but that don't mean shxt;
i got a dope scarf, but that don't mean shxt;
i got a tasty loose tank top, but that don't mean shxt;
i got some linen shorts, but that still don't mean shxt
because at the end of the day,
i still feel lonely.

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Easy F. Davis said...

I feel exactly the same......material items are just a cloak. Some people say it's self expression to dress up.... but I only go out and pay $250 for some exclusive nike blazers because I feel like i'm impressing others...otherwise i'd dress like a bum....for me it's about being accepted..that's what it all comes down to.....and when you realize that you've wasted your check on something that people don't really give a fuck about....it makes the feeling more empty instead of complete.