written a while back; gibberish.

I don’t know why, but I guess to some people, I come off as mean and snobbish. I’m really not! I talk too much, I’m goofy, silly, and can be relaxed at certain moments, I know my shxt stinks, and I’m one chill person. People always seem to sum you up within a moment, when you walk past them, or you enter a room, but sometimes its better to get know someone first. I know i do that all the time, I’ll be like "oh, uh, uh! I know she did not just walk in here like she's the queen of the show", but in the end, after I meet this chick, she's actually cool...I guess my point is: say hello. Be nice. If they look rude & talk rude, they’re rude. Turn ya head and walk on! It’s not the end of the world!

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