i know i shouldn't believe in horoscopes,
bladdi, bladdi, bladda
this mysteriously appeared in
my inbox [lol]:

Wednesday, February 18:
If you're not interested in the stock market or poetry,
why do you force it down your throat?
Give it up already.
Nobody's really all the impressed with this useless info.
You're better off just being yourself for now --
that's what the hotties want, after all.

so true, i know.
i'm really not all that interested in stocks
i would like to invest money
in them in the near future,
but eh.
and poetry...
depends on if i can comprehend
it or not.
which is usually like never.

and here's another:

Sunday, February 15:
Redefine your idea of success --
it's not about cash, assets and things.
It's more about pursuing your dreams
and making enough money to enjoy the quality of life that's amenable to you.
The big car, the fancy address and the expensive purse
aren't worth the stress and sacrifice.

soooo totally true.

and just one more:

Thursday, February 5:
When did this dating thing get so dang heavy?
All you want to do is have a little fun,
but it seems as if everyone just wants to get married and have kids.
Do your due diligence --
are you reading their profiles thoroughly not selectively.
You'll get the gist if you're paying attention.

sometimes i think
these people just hit the mark
a little tooo...


(i'm a Taurus by the way;
in case anyone is asking)

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