my mind is racing

man so many thoughts on my mind, such as: just about everything is blowing up in my face; i'm just about irritated with everything, including the people around me, near AND far; my life is a mess, i need to pick up the peices and fast; never bee...n so hurt by such words in my life, they just keep coming at me like bees; i need to find new people to be included in my life, NEW ones i can TRUST. as of now i only have a select group that i chose to talk to. patty, rachel, des, jenny, pilar (ha!), and the people i have here on facebook [sorry i dint name you, but you know who you are]; feeling unwanted, invisible, ignored, etc., etc.; can't wait to move; sometimes i wonder if my different is good; homie, stop tryna be real with me and be real with yourself...be true to yourself; my situation is getting more and more nutzo everyday; i need to go somewhere, anywhere away from here; tired of being taken advantage of; tired of people thinking i'm a wink link, no, no honey: i just let you think that; last but not least, and not the last: PEOPLE NEED TO STOP FXCKIN AROUND, it's not a dayum joke [excuse my french].


Delmy said...

Keep your head up.

Mila said...

I agree with Delmy ;)