haven't posted anything in a while...

as of now:
i'm jamming to some reggae!
i lvoe jamaican people!
i want to marry somebody who's jamaican
so i can hear his accent 24/7...


what's been going on...
nothing much really.

i have a new job!
i tutor for this program
i was in last year (my first year of college)
called "First Year Experience" (FYE)
which i'm happy about.
it's not all about the mulaaa,
i like to help people!

school is okay.
i just hope i pass all of my classes
with a B or better...
i'm on a roll here!

the number of depressive episodes
have gone down.

i've decided i need to "reinvent" myself.
this includes:
re-doing my room
changing up my style
etc., etc.
when will all of this be done?
when the mulaaa comes in lol
aaand when i'm not being lazy...

i know what i want to do with my life:
i'm majoring in Fashion Merchandising...
hopefully SFSU will like me...

nuh lingaaaaaa!!!

so my best friend totally ditched me
for her fiance...
sux right?
she doesn't call me or talk to me anymore
she basically used me.
i was there for her when SHE needed me,
now that she doesn't need me anymore,
i'm just an invisible (insert vulgar word here) to her.
some friend aye?

there are some FIONE axx dudes at
my school this year.
where have y'all been hiding?
LOL just kidding.
(although i do have a hard time paying attention when one walks by).

i'm still a vigo!

and uhm...
i don't know what else to tell y'all lol
my life is pretty boring.
i really do wish it were more innteresting
buuut it isn't
later dudes...

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