tell me whyyy

i had this nutzo, but dope dream
that i was one of the stylists for Tyler Perry's movies.

it all started out when he came to my
collegio to do some comedy stuff
and after i got to interview him
[how? i dunno. i think i just asked]
so i was asking about him being homeless
but yet VERY intelligent
[is that rude? not all poor/homeless people are education deficit.
does that make sense? oh well]
him being single,
the success of his movies,
madea, uncle joe, etc...
and we had small talk basically.

so we start talking
about his height amd i stand up next to him--
i'm 5'9.75 so of course i was HELLA shorter than him.
then i talk about how it must be awesome to work
or intern for him because of thew atmosphere.
he looks at me and my outfit
[it was maaad dope!]
and asks "how would like to be one of the stylists on deck?"
somehow one of the stylists decided to leave
because of family issues
so therefore i became the "replacement girl"
[ha! remember that song? real fans know what i'm speaking of!]
i was in a state of shoooooooooock! lol
so then i move to ATL like a couple weeks later
and move into a dope axx apartment
and it goes from there.

maybe i was fantasizing,
i dunno,
but it was dope!
i have a hard time regurgitating stories or dreams
but it was a cool dream/fantasy.
in my dream, mr. perry was,
as wendy williams often says [i lvoe that woman!]
"a friend in my head."

my dreams are interesting,
but i have a good time when i
partially sleep!

ok i feel bad now because i'm nawt paying
any attention to jimmy fallon!
i swear i have a crush on him, i dunno whyyy.
such a weird crush

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