my festive birthday [as posted via myspace]

May 13, 2009 7:15 PM
Subject: wow. so today was festive.

5:30 am - alarm goes off..."shxt." snooze.

5:40 am - alarm goes off again. "alright i gues i've gotta get up"

5:43 am - shower

6:13 am - first set of text messages arrive

6:45 am - giligan swoops lol

7:30 am - core conditioning teacher starts to kill us

8:20 am - "finally" class is overrr.

9:30 am - pop culture

10:30 am - ewrt 2. teacher is on crack

11:30 am - 1:30 pm - food and convos...

and then

1:30 - 3:10 - HUMAN SEXUALITY.

need i say more?

i shall:

soft porn. oral sex. pussy. dick. condoms. bc. spermicide. axx. tounge. doggy-style. side-by-side. she on top. he on top. acrobatic lady. harder. softer. masturbation. breasts. vibrator. fingers. unshaved. shaved. female condoms. slurping. fat. long. hard. pleasure. whatturnsyouon. dominatrix. bondage. suck. 69. tongue. mouth. no teeth. "wiggling". wettttt. fxck. clit. headwithnobrain. axx hole. gay. straight. bi. fetish. rough sex. soft sex. "go slow". communication. sex outside. sex inside. sex on top. shxt maybe sex upside down. 1 partner. 8 partners. anal.

ohh it was festive.

V E R Y festive.

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