i've gotta make [u] [s] work.

the time has come again.
i'm fighting for a lvoe that
i now know i can win.
i'm living for this bond,
in mutual sin,
this lvoe within...
it keeps me alive and breathing.

letters, words, phrases,
and i preach of lvoe.
lvoe for you,
lvoe for me,
lvoe for "we,"
lvoe for everything in between.

i ask for this lvoe to be
true and pure.
this lvoe to be ideal.
this lvoe to sustain the status quo.
this lvoe to be real.

you are a reflective of me.
i am a reflective of you.
promise me that we will conquer all
and together create
and give birth to something that
will be created out of our lvoe for one another.

with this i ask of you to be there for me,
as i wil be there for you.

in lvoe.

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