kids these days.

they are ahead of their time.
they want to do "grown people" things
and have sex with all the boys & girls they please.
it's not like in the movies
when the children used to play and have fun-
they were kids.
but these kids these days,
they have no control.
they see what is on the television...
monkey see,
monkey do.
they believe what they are doing is right.
how old are you?
you look 20 when you're only 15.
who is in control?
they can no longer be called children.
they are no longer children.
there is no other word to describe them,
than a nuisance.
where have you gone children?
rather than you,
we have these nuisances to take your place...

you innocent children where have you gone?

your mothers & fathers miss you the most.
where is the respect they deserve?
it's almost as if you all
have been kidnapped,
and stripped of your childhood.
what you see on the television is not real,
it is all an illusion.
if only you knew the tricks they play[ed] on you,
maybe you all would come back;

the children,
where have they gone?

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