i feel terribly bad for my future husband.

i may have an alcohol problem.
i'm stubborn.
i'm lazy.
i am emotionally disturbed.
i have alter egos.
i'm not a cuddler.
i tell it like it is.
i bicker and i am an arguer.
i do everything yletisoppo.
you will be living in my world.
i'm very self-centered.
i get what i want.
i'm a shopaholic.
i whine
and i complain.
i change my mind all too often.
[one day i'll lvoe you, the other i won't]
i have persistent mood swings.
i keep secrets.
i'm afraid of expressing my emotions.
i have a hard time conversing with humans.
i get mad easily.
i take everything offensively.
i'm sensitive.
my nose is kept up in the air.
i have this "i don't care attitude."
i get depressed a lot-sometimes over nothing.
i'm forgettful.
i play tricks on people.
i only give out one chance,
you only get 2 if i even lvoe you that much.
i tend to get jealous.
my name is maribel;
and i have issues.

1 comment:

Eric Davis said...

Whoa shit! Just when I was going to ask you out on a date....thanks for the heads up! **Backs away slowly**