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my birthday approaches, i'm getting more and more excited! funny coz just a couple months ago, i wasnt psyched A T A L L . i'm still celebrating it silently though...shopping with my bestie is all i need.

oh and food.
oh and being almost naked.
oh and being in the city...
oh and seeing the cutie-bo-dudies walk by.

why invite hella people to celebrate when only 4/10 that you invite will show up, and some how forget the fxcking gifts? why waste all that $ on expensive axx food when you can go shopping? :D if anyone else is interested, i'm not tripping. however, i didn't tell anyone for a reason. i hate taking people shopping-especially when they have no mula in their wallets. you can usually tell in their face that they're mad coz you got something they liked...you can tell they're boiling inside.


anywho...i dunno, i guess i'm happy because i get to leave 18 behind and gain another year until i become an adult, [2 more to drink] no more teen shxt...[almost] i thank God for letting me have another year on earth to live with almost no problems-except the natural human issues...hopefully 19 & the rest of 2009 together, bring me a good year of life, hopes, accomplishments, lvoe [aha, right], more independence, lessons, and whatever else comes along the way. i'm gonna be on some new shxt, so don't bring the bullshxt pleeeaase! i already have enough issues, so don't add to the existing ones. i'm usually someone who likes to be cool with people, but once you push my buttons, you push my buttons. i'm always one to listen, and i dont judge [at that moment...lol]

thank you in advance.

**why did i post this? coz i'm a gee like that, and was horribly bored.

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