first post of the new year.

boy has this year been nutzo! i won't go into complete detail, but i got into a car accident (still battling that one out, *sigh), i went natural, i became a vegetarian (let's see how long that lasts lol), i let some people go, met some new people that i have come to enjoy, and hopefully i meet some more this year. i have also finally decided on my major--fashion merchandising, and hopefully i stick to it...basically this year has been a year full of changes for me. i am no longer the same bee i was in 2008. i feel like i have matured and finally figured out who i want to be and not who everyone else wants me to be. my mother may feel like i am weird & different and that i am not her same "bee," but seriously--people change. i guess it was my turn. i am writing this knowing most people won't even come across it, but i feel like i need to write it anyway, just because.

other changes include the relationship with my mother and father, relationships that i regret messing up, but i guess they just don't understand. they're old fashioned africans so that might be a factor, but hopefully that will change. *that by NO means was a new year resolution

speaking of new year resolutions, i refuse to make one. everytime i do, i lose it, forget it, or just don't care for it. there really is no point in making one. i guess just setting goals for oneself throughout the year will do...no a long axx resolution list. stuff happens, plans are wrecked...blaaah!

but anywho,
happy new year to all around this "lonely" world & be safe.

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