bored whilst baby-sitting my niece.

i totally just wrote a post about friendship, but um ya; i shut that one down. i'm so bored! lol. hit me up on that twitter ish: twitter.com/mlvoecali. and yes i did spell "love" like this; lvoe. it's a habit. well i might as well write about that instead lol it'll be short...


sooo the story goes,

i'm dyslexic when it comes to "love." when i think about it, i see other things than what it really is. i see hurt/pain, drama, headaches, heartaches, etc. etc. i also think i'm incapable of "loving" someone. i feel like i haven't received as much lvoe as i could have growing up. i mean did receive lvoe, but honestly, i get tired of receiving lvoe from the same people. i need lvoe from everyone...maybe i'm a brat/greedy/needy like that, but if i don't get lvoe frome other people, i just don't feel right. is that weird? lol like i hate when people don't like me either. i'm like c'mon dude...you should like me. then we can talk about lvoing me. :D i don't know, maybe i have issues, but i feel like i need "love" in my life. this post makes no type of sense, but watev. it makes sense to me lol.

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