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True to the mascot of the Taurus, your stubbornness is the root of your resolve [ahahaha part of the reason why i don't get along with my father]. You’re highly motivated to finish something you start. Why put in blood, sweat and tears without seeing the fruits of your labor? Because you work so hard at completing your goals – especially in your career – you value a hard-earned buck.

In fact, money is the object of your desire. It’s not that you’re greedy; it’s just that your financial situation affects how stable you feel. Plus, you enjoy the finer things in life – good food and drink and high-end things for yourself and your home. [i lvoe everything luxurious and extravagant, especially when i can get it for an EXTREMELY good/cheap price :D]

But when it comes to sharing, you’d rather protect your treasures and keep them to yourself. [unless i reaaaallly like you]

One thing Taurus is not is a risk taker. Your fixed zodiac quality represents your resistance to change.While practical, you aren’t particularly interested in trying new things. Change makes you feel uneasy and vulnerable. You crave stability and are comfortable with the familiar. [change is scary for me, i try, but it never works. im slower to change than most and have to do it gradually or else i'll have a panic attack!]

This sign’s cool, calm and collected exterior hides a tenacious temper. Rarely do you unleash it on others, unless you’re seriously provoked or attacked.Beneath your down-to-earth, easy-going personality lies someone who’s very romantic and concerned with matters of the heart. [exactly like a bull. lol they only attack or get dangerous when provoked]

Taurus often have a difficult time meeting new people – you can be reserved and self-conscious around strangers. [people think i'm cocky because of that, well if you dont know, know you know] You’re more of a self-contained soul.But your inner circle of friends knows they can count on your shoulder to cry on. You have a knack for offering sound advice with a loving touch.When it comes to romantic relationships, you’re very affectionate and sensual. You prefer a steady courtship and rarely rush in to a relationship. [i think i would seriously have to "talk" to / date someone for mooonths before we can be a "couple]

Taurus’ best romantic matches are also earth signs – Virgo and Capricorn.You’re a giver, and all you ask for in return is a committed relationship where you feel safe. Just keep your possessiveness and jealousy in check. [i hate people who dont commit whether it be relationships or just random things. big turn off. i hate cheaters the most.]

Taurus rules the neck and face. You probably have a soft and striking voice, providing to music to other people’s ears. You were also blessed with a beautiful neck and collarbone as well as a clear complexion.Some health problems you may encounter: Colds, coughs, laryngitis, stiff necks and thyroid gland issues. Taurus' love for food and a tendency to be lazy puts you at risk of gaining weight, especially in your later years. [ahahahahaaha so freaking true! i'm a little thick if you know what i'm saying lmao. i lvoe being thick though. :DDDD sooo much fun! the only thing thats nawt fun about it is not being able to wear some of the cute clothing because it looks better on the grossly skinny chix. (oh another novel)]

However, when you’re motivated to get up and get moving, you’re quite the athlete.

Taurus' propensity for success and level of makes you a wonderful employee at most jobs.You enjoy positions where you’re responsible for money or can use your keep aesthetic eye, and work best in a day-to-day routine.

The best jobs for a Taurus include: musician, artist, singer, banker, stockbroker, insurance agent, accountant, cashier, real estate agent, florist, woodworker, and antique collector. [i lvoe music! i lvoe art! (just wish i had the chance to craft my craft), i lvoe to sing! (i'm an ok singer, would i make a career out of it? eh, maybe if i wanted to, probably couldnt deal with "blowing up"), i lvoe flowers! my faves are freesias, roses (yellow, white, pink(s)), orchids, pretty much the exotic looking flowers; and antiques are beautiful!!!!!!!!!]

While you’re a solid fixture in your loved ones' lives, embrace change every once in awhile. Or else you’ll never know what you could be missing out on. Are You Too Jealous?

Jealousy [i dunno lol it is true though] may have run rampant in your high school cliques, but isn't it time you grew out of this ugly emotion? [i dunno, i hope!!!!!!!!!] There are different degrees of jealousy, and the way you handle it makes all the difference. Find out if you're too jealous for your own good with this quiz.

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