i was looking at some old pictures
of myself in my old camera
and i looked
H A P P Y .
like nothing could tear me down.
i don't know what happened to her.
but i've got to get her back--
i hate New Year Resolutions,
but this year i just might make a
list with one resolution on it:
the new year is about
4 months-ish from now, but thats mine.
i seriously hope and pray
to be happy.

as mary j, says:

"All I really want, is to be happy"

i know she's speaking of lvoe
in that song,
but maybe thats what i,
need to be happy.
sounds crazy, i know lol
i paused before i typed that.

but i don't know.
whatever God plans for me,
i am okay with.
whether it be lvoe,
new friendships,
[ha! "money can't buy you everything/happiness],
a new calling,
i hope it is what i need to be happy.

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Eric Davis said...

awww, well I "lvoe" then friend lol