beyonce + plastic surgery

lol waaack!

first off--
beyonce's boobs may have gotten bigger,
but that doesn't mean she got a
breast augmentation...
it means that her boobs were
smaller when she was younger and probably
got bigger when she got older...
your boobs do not stay the same size forever
hormones do kick in...

as for her nose...
all of the pics i've seen
are one pic of her frowning
and the other is her grinning or smiling...
of course thats gunna change the appearance of her nose...
when you smile your nose spreads...

her lips:
apparently they got thinner...
well uhm same shxt as the nose pics
one pic is her frowning
the other smiling

and in addition...
they do airbrush pics!

and even if she did
get surgery and i'm just ranting for no reason,
who gives a shxt.
i don't approve of plastic sugery,
but thats her business.

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Secretista said...

Word. I don't think Be got her boobs done.